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2019 news 

Hello everyone! As most of you know this year’s schedule will be a bit different from others due to a reunion tour for Hoottie & The Blowfish, that’s been years in the making. We will still have a number of shows with Darius as a country artist, but most of them will be special events, possibly TV & awards performances and private functions. But I promise next year we’ll be back and already are looking forward to seeing y’all out there :) 

Meanwhile I’ll be concentrating on creating my own music and perhaps I might join some good friends for an occasional performance or two this summer. We’ll keep on rocking!

Summer festivals 

Hello from the road! We're in the middle of our longest 2017 US leg of the tour. Writing you from the pitstop in Utah on the way to Denver, Co for a show in Red Rocks. Played Watershed Festival at The Gorge yesterday- it was simply amazing! Really enjoying these summer festivals. Not only they are outdoors, fun and we're playing for happy young party people, but also we get to see our old friends from other bands that we haven't crossed paths with in a long time. Having a blast! Please check our schedule and come out have fun with us :)))


Just got back from our European tour, what can I say..... simply amazing!!!!!! All of our shows, from little clubs to biggest arenas, exceeded our expectations in many, many ways. We hung out with our old friends and met many new ones as well. Good people, good beer and good atmosphere- what else can one want ;o) I hope you guys followed my FB and Twitter, I could barely keep up with those haha, sorry for not being able to stretch out to update my own website :) Gonna slowly ease into our summer festival tour these next two months. Keep your eyes open for our schedule updates- see y'all on the road!


Our mini acoustic West Coast radio tour is going fantastic! So much fun playing clubs and smaller venues! It's been a while and it feels good!

studio work 

Hi everyone! I got some exciting news. I made some changes and upgrades in my studio and it's ready to roll. Now during this long break I'm able to do more recording at home-  so if you or someone you know have a song/ demo you'd like me to put some dobro or steel on please don't hesitate to contact me.

P.S. I know it's been ages since my last blog. It's kinda hard to post notes from the road when you're not on the road haha.
Don't give up on me :)

End of the tour  

We're on the final stretch of Good For A Good Time 2016 tour. Let's make the best out of it! This weekend in New Hempshire and next week in Virginia Beach, Raleigh and finishing in Atlanta. Going out with the bang!!!

Dobro lessons  

Friends! After numerous requests I've decided to look into giving online dobro lessons. Any age, any level, flexible schedule! Please let me know if any of you guys or anybody you know are interested. Contact me via facebook or www.sashaostrovsky.com.

Tour continues- East Coast 

Hello friends! From the lack of my FB posts you've probably guessed that we had a break :) Correct! Darius and the Hootie guys did their annual Homegrown event in SC this weekend. It was nice for us to stay at home and relax!  Now on the road again- to the East Coast. Come out and have fun with us!

New England and New York 

Calling all Patriots fans!!! Haha! Would loooove to se y'all at our show! New England  and NY is always a special stop on our tour. Got so many friends there, beautiful venues, delicious seafood and some of the best crowds we ever got to play in front of. The bar is raised hight- let's all bring it next two weeks! Would love to see familiar faces!


California week was outstanding- wine tasting, paddle boarding, barbeque with friends, fantastic shows all across. Irvine Meadows (LA area) was special though. This is the last season for that beautiful venue, it's closing down. There was a sad feeling and I think everyone felt it, artists and the audience, and gave it all thy got. As a result- the show was electrifying!!! Good memories!

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